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High Efficacy Series

LED Strip

Hilite LED strip is flexible, field-cuttable, and UL Listed. Our long-life LED strip lights  are offered with a strong adhesive backing that is easily mounted on most surfaces and is offered in your choice of LED density, brightness, and color temperature, along with color-changing and waterproof capabilities. 

linear led tape light.jpg
H2835-128 (1)_edited.jpg

High Efficacy LED Tape Light Series

Architectural grade LED tape lighting that ensures proper execution of design intentions, delivers max. lumen up to 130lm/W

  • RA>90

  • 24V DC constant voltage

Flexible LED Tape & Neon
Long Run Series

Long Run LED Tape Light Series

Max running length is up to 140FT. With the help of current regulator chip, the consistency of brightness can be better guaranteed

  • CRI >80

  • 24V DC constant voltage

Super Narrow Series
4mm narrow small.png

Super Narrow LED Tape Light Series

The 1/6" wide strip is a perfect choice for applications requiring a large amount of light with narrow and low-profile delivery.

  • CRI >80, >90

  • 24V DC constant voltage

Dim to Warm Series
PTW 1000X1000.png

Dim to Warm LED Tape Light Series

Compatible with triac dimmer, no controller or receiver required

Wide color range from 1900K to 3500K, the light will automatically transition down to 1900K when you dim it

  • Ra>90

  • 24V DC Constant Voltage

Full Spectrum LED Series

Full Spectrum LED LED Tape Light Series

Mimicking the spectrum of natural sun light, deliver lumen up to 380lm/FT, with average Ra more than 95

  • Ra>95, R1-R15>90

  • 24V DC Constant Voltage

Smart RGB Series

Smart RGB LED Tape Light Series

Delivers dynamic color changing effect, compatible with DMX controller

  • One segment of 3 LEDs addressable

  • 12V DC Constant Voltage

RGB & RGBW Series
5050-RGBW (1).jpg

RGB & RGBW LED Tape Light Series

With the tri-chip RGB LED and quad-chip RGBW LED, these tape lights could deliver billions of vivid color

  • Compatible with DMX controller

  • 12V/24V DC Constant Voltage

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