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Hilite LEDs warrants its LED lighting product will comply with the respective specifications and samples provided for approval. The products will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of manufacturing, subject to the terms specified herein.  



If the product fails to conform to this warranty during the warranty period, We will, at its option, itself or through others, repair or replace the product or non-conforming part thereof, or reimburse the purchaser for the purchase price. 



It is a condition of this warranty that: (1) the original purchaser submit in writing all claims of product defect within the specified warranty period, (2) the Purchaser return the product(s) to us for warranty coverage verification, repair or replacement, and (3) we retains all replaced parts and product(s). 


This warranty does not cover: (1) defects or damage as a result of accident, purchaser modification, misuse (including, but not limited to, the operation under improper temperature, or voltage levels outside the rated range, improper service or repair, improper storage, incorrect installation) (2) gradual degradation of luminous intensity over time. 



To make a warranty claim, contact your account representative to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA). Failed sample must be returned for inspection and verification of non-conformance by Hilite LEDs. No return shipment is allowed if without RMA. 



The Purchaser assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection with the use or application of a Hilite lighting product, whether or not through a contract, sustained by the Purchaser or by any other person. This limitation cannot be waived or amended by any person and is effective even if Hilite or its representative is advised of, or might have anticipated, the possibility of such damages. This limitation of liability may not apply to damages related to personal injury or death in jurisdictions where such damages may not be disclaimed as a matter of law.

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